Civilbuild Precast has a 75m long newly installed plank mould. Civilbuild utilise a construction method which is fast, economical and safe. Civilbuild have the ability to cast a number of planks on any given day.

Planks are a fully pretensioned, prestressed, precast concrete bridge girder which incorporates the ease of construction and the ability to span short to medium distances.

Civilbuild apply to RMS specification and are able to construct many RMS standard planks designs with efficiency. Solid planks and planks incorporating a void into the design can be manufactured. PSC Planks and Spaced Planks usually range from 6-20m. Seven standard depths are readily available ranging from 240mm to 700mm.

Civilbuild have conducted many design and construct projects where planks have been utilised. Civilbuild manufactured and installed PSC Planks recently at Board Crossing.

Precast planks

Precast planks stacked our precast yard