About Us

Saunders Civilbuild is based in Newcastle, NSW & undertakes building construction & civil projects throughout NSW, predominantly in the Hunter Valley. Saunders Civilbuild & its associated companies directly employ over 60 people plus associated subcontractors & tradesmen in the construction industry.

Precast Concrete

  • Super T Girders
  • I Girders
  • PSC Bridge Planks
  • Precast Bridge parapets
  • Reinforced and pre-stressed concrete piles
  • Heavy reinforced bridge girders and segments
  • Bridge piers, abutments, headstocks
  • Concrete panels
  • Flexmat scour protection
  • Concrete power poles

Heavy Industry

Concrete foundation works for:

  • Coal mining
  • Aluminium production
  • Steel production
  • Power generation

Bridge Works

  • Road & rail bridges for major infrastructure projects
  • Footbridges
  • Conveyor underpasses

Foundation Systems

  • Treated hardwood, steel & concrete driven piles for industrial & bridgework applications
  • Treated softwood minipiles for domestic & light industrial applications
  • Temporary & permanent shoring using sheet piling or timber piles
  • Screw piling, bored piers, grout injected piles are also undertaken when required

Jetties & Wharves

  • Jetties, wharves & boardwalks for both recreational & commercial uses
  • All types of deck construction eg, steel, timber, aluminium & concrete

Building & Project Management

  • Industrial & light warehousing facilities
  • Home unit development

Saunders Civilbuild have the capability to offer design & construct options in all these facets of our work.

Saunders Civilbuild have developed a reputation over many years of accomplishing difficult projects using innovative design alternatives &/or construction methods.