Saunders Civilbuilds selection of easy-to-install precast concrete barrier systems can simplify temporary or permanent traffic management issues. Our barrier solutions are manufactured to local road authority specifications.

Saunders Civilbuild manufacture precast concrete jersey kerb barriers to suit the local specifications of local road authorities. The reinforced concrete barriers are designed to safely redirect vehicles back to the roadway after leaving. The modular and portable nature of these barriers provides a solution to a temporary problem. Jersey Kerb Barriers can be made to order to a specific length or bought as built.

Saunders Civilbuild also manufacture permanent bridge barriers. These barriers are located at the edge of bridges to redirect vehicles back to the roadway once they have left. They generally have an irregular cross section and are installed using a bolting system to permanently fix them to the bridge with a stich pour. Saunders Civilbuild manufacture these barriers as per design requirements to the highest quality.

Pictured below are the precast parapets.

Precast ParapetParapets