We build more than bridges

While the majority of Civilbuild’s business has been in bridge building the company’s expertise extends far beyond that.

The company has just finished building an underground train unloading facility at Rooty Hill in Sydney for Holcim Concrete to store gravel and other materials. Civilbuild’s contract involved building the dump pit, foundations for the conveyor and radial stacker and the 1500 square metre heavy duty storage slab.

The engineer in charge was Scott Bryant, who normally spends his time running the pre-cast yard.

“Things were a little quiet in the yard and I enjoyed the challenge of getting out and doing something different while continuing the run the yard as well,” Scott said.

While Scott was the engineer in charge the two men who ran the job were Peter Reynolds and Rob Clarke.

And they spent 11 months on the site, only getting home at weekends.

That contract followed the massive job Civilbuild under took last year, building the foundations for five new grain terminals on Newcastle harbour, an unloading facility and driving piles for a new wharf.

foundations, Scott Bryant, underground train unloading facility

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