No kidding! We help piles of fish swim upstream

No kidding! We help piles of fish swim upstream

No kidding! We help piles of fish swim upstream

Fish in the Nepean River will be a lot happier and able to travel upstream courtesy of Civil Sydney and its pile driving expertise.

The company was called in as sub contractors to MacMahon Contracting to drive 120 piles for new fish ladders at four of the 10 weirs on the river.

The job, which is still under way, is on weirs at Cobbity, Douglas Park, Menangle and Camden.

“This is the biggest project we have taken on for some time,” Civil Sydney’s Simon Montford, said.

“We have had to build cotter dams then work inside them drilling through rock to drive bored steel casings.

“It is difficult work because we are working below river level but we have the expertise and the machinery and the job is on schedule.”

Meanwhile Civil Sydney took on an entirely different challenge when it won the contract to drive piles for a new housing estate in the Adelaide suburb of Brompton.

The estate has been built on an old brick pit that became a dumping ground for industrial waste including iron filings and steel shavings, lead plugs, asbestos punchings and porcelain and ceramic from a nearby factory producing toilets.

When the dump closed it was capped with a deep bed of clay.

“We had some fun with this project,” said Simon, with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek.

“It required 600 piles and we had no idea what we were going to strike once we got through the clay.

“On more than one occasion we had to re-drive a pile when we hit an obstruction.

“Despite that we finished the job on schedule.”

Nepean River

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