Civilbuild lays the foundations for huge silo project

Civilbuild lays the foundations for huge silo project

Pile Driving

Civilbuild lays the foundations for huge silo project

Civilbuild is playing a major role in the construction of five huge silos at Carrington for Agri Terminals in one of the biggest projects the company has undertaken.

The project, under the supervision of engineer Shannon Drew, was started in July and is not expected to be completed until April next year.

It involves driving 1276 hardwood piles to depths of between 10 and 11 metres, building re-inforced concrete foundations to a height of two metres then pouring the floors.

Two of the silos will have a capacity of 20,000 tonnes and three others of 6700 tonnes each.

Civilbuild has a work force of 22 on the site and despite certain constraints is working as hard as it can to complete the piling before Christmas.

“There are restrictions on the number of piles we can drive at any one time because of the effects of the noise and vibration on nearby residents,” Shannon Drew said.

“We are 80 percent completed and we only have 269 piles left to drive so while it will be tight we are on track to achieve our goal.”

Meanwhile Civilbuild is pouring the foundations as piling on each site is completed.

“We are putting in place the reinforcing then pouring ring beams and walls to a height of about 2.5 metres then back fi lling the void,” Shannon said.

“It is a process that has worked well although we have had to tinker with it along the way to suit the local conditions.”

Pouring of the first section of the floor was scheduled to begin in the last week of November.

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