Robert Jones

Position at Saunders Civilbuild
Quality Assurance Manager

Associate Diploma of Mechanical Engineering

First Aid Ticket


  • With over 10 years of experience in the quality assurance role and over 16 years in the construction industry, Robert can apply his knowledge to a multitude of areas. Robert specialises in precast concrete manufacturing but is able to successfully apply his knowledge to on-site applications as well.
  • Robert has proven that he is successfully able to time manage and prioritise tasks to ensure that clients, suppliers and employees have their requests met on time and without fuss.
  • Robert also has a background in the production side and is therefore able to provide solutions that are practical and reliable.

Key Achievements

  • Extensive work on quality assurance with a large knowledge in standards and relevant specifications to be apply to numerous jobs.
  • Extremely reliable with a hard work ethic and a strong work presence. Takes pride in the work he achieves to ensure that the products are of the highest quality and standard.
  • Solid computer skills including the professional skill of drafting