David Tolmie

Position at Saunders Civilbuild
Tendering Manager and Project Manager

Bachelor of Civil Engineering Honours Class 1


  • Extensive experience involving all aspects of project management from tendering to construction
  • Extensive experience involving all aspects of commercial management, including contracts and variations
  • Proven track record in successful management of multiple large-scale projects proceeding during the same time period
  • Ability to consider appropriate options and solutions to resolve issues;
  • Creative thinking to determine the most adequate management solutions to a problem
  • Outstanding organisation skills – with the ability to effectively manage multiple projects, tendering and managing the systems within the company to ensure that the priority items are completed first.
  • Solid computer skills.

Key Achievement

  • Transition from junior project engineer to a general manager of a large-scale company with a large degree of responsibility, including all facets. These include engineering, business development, financing, operations, marketing and implementing key leadership skills to ensure the continual success of one company.