Saunders Civilbuild not only manufacture precast Super Tee girders and Planks but also various other precast elements such as precast panels, culverts and flexmats. Civilbuild are able to provide large volumes of items due to their innovative ideas and vast array of equipment available in the precast yard.

Precast Panels

Saunders Civilbuild is able to manufacture large quantities of diverse panels, these can be used for numerous applications, such as:

  • Noise Walls
  • Sea Walls
  • Deck Panels
  • Retaining Wall Panels
  • Boat Ramp Deck Panels
  • and more…
Norah Head Boat Ramp Precast Deck Panels

Norah Head Boat Ramp Precast Deck Panels

Norah Head Boat Ramp

Norah Head Boat Ramp









Precast Concrete Culverts

Culverts are used to help drain water under roads and railways. Precast culverts can provide a cost and time effective solution, since they are easy and quick to install in comparison to a bridge or cast-in situ items.



Saunders Civilbuild also manufacture precast flexmats, these are very versatile product that is easy and quick to install. Flexmats are a mat with spaced concrete blocks on it, they can be used to prevent river erosion, wave attack damage and footpaths just to name a few, they are essentially a concrete geotextile.

Saunders Civilbuild is the only manufacturer of flexmats on the east coast of Australia, but have supplied them to areas such as the Northern Territory.

Civilbuild's flexmats

Saunders Civilbuild’s flexmats








Precast Storage Units

Saunders Civilbuild precast has recently just finished a job to build Precast Concrete Storage Units for Woy Woy Waste Management Centre, this allowed them to sort and allocate waste into different categories of waste without it flying away due to the wind. Saunders Civilbuild’s Bob Luck also managed the entire project at Woy Woy, which is included managing the installation of Saunders Civilbuild Precast’s units.

Lifting of the Precast Storage Units

Lifting of the Precast Storage Units









Please email our team to enquire about other precast items.