Previously known as Civilbuild Precast, the company was established in 2000 to produce precast concrete products for major infrastructure projects throughout NSW.

Saunders Civilbuild specialise in providing Pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete bridge components as well as specialised pre-cast concrete panels, headstocks, piers and foundations. Saunders Civilbuild is RTA prequalified to CC (the highest pre-cast prequalification) and registered as an Approved Pre-caster with Queensland Department of Main Roads which enables the company to produce complex Pre-stressed Super T (TRoff) and I girders for long span bridges, as well as the usual PSC Planks and piles.

All Saunders Civilbuild products are manufactured in accordance with our accredited Quality, OHS and Environmental management systems and with a “can do” attitude fostering positive contractual relationships.

With a company background in construction, Saunders Civilbuild specialise in complicated, heavy precast items.

Saunders Civilbuild regularly undertakes project deemed too difficult by many of our competitors.

The Saunders Civilbuild Product Range includes:

  • Prestressed bridge planks
  • Pre-stressed Super T (TRoff) and I girders
  • Specialised Post Tensioned girders and segments
  • Prestressed concrete piles – Octagonal and Composite
  • Precast concrete piles
  • Modular ‘Saunders Civilbuild Fast Cast’ deck units
  • Pre-stressed Railway Box girders
  • Pre-stressed power poles
  • Concrete panels for building & noisewall applications
  • Reinforced concrete bridge piers, headstocks, abutments and approach slabs
  • Pre-fabricated building units
  • Miscellaneous repetitive reinforced concrete items.

Saunders Civilbuild are pre-qualified by the RTA (NSW) to Category CC (ie. complex Precasting) and have been registered as an approved pre-caster with Queensland Department of Main Roads.

Saunders Civilbuild have been involved in various major projects, for example:

Maitland Super T Girders


Glenfield to Leppington


Chaffey Dam


Kempsey to Kundabung


Kiama Bypass Bridgeworks

X Girders, I girders, T Girders, PSC bridge planks & piles for stages 1 and 2 of the project – contracts totaling $9 million

Port Waratah Coal Services Upgrade

Miscellaneous precast components for conveyor upgrade including 100t gantry sections – contract value $3.5 million.

Westlink M7 project

20 000m2 of RSol reinforced soil wall panels, 34 off pre-stressed V Girders for shared path bridges and 1200 wide PSC plank units – contracts totaling $ 3.5 million

Coopernook By-Pass Project

110 Super T girders, 374 PSC planks and 260 composite and octagonal PSC piles – contract total $5.3 million. PSC Box girders, Post tensioned I girders, precast piers, abutments and approach slabs for Rail Underbridge replacements at Iron Bark Creek, Killawarra, Styx Creek, Wambo Rail Spur, Dapto, Emu Plains, Hurstville, Wentworthville, Wyee,

Belmore and Lidcomb

Contracts totaling $ 3.5 million

Bonville By-Pass Project

140 octagonal piles and 60 Super T girders – contract total $2.8 million

Chatswood Transport Interchange

13 diaphragm squat I girders – contract total 1.1 million

Revesby Turnback Project

Post tensioned girder segments and precast conctrete walkway landings – contract total 1.1 million

Brisbane Childrens Hospital Bus Interchange

50 off TRoff girders for Northern

Busway Alliance Project

Contract total $1.7 million

Energy Australia Power Poles

260 PSC Power poles for various projects – contracts totaling $1.5 million

Coopernook to Heron Creek Upgrade

180 octagonal and composite piles, 220 PSC planks and 96 Super T girders – contract total $ 6 million.

NAT Grain Rail Pit

NAT Grain Rail Pit

Concrete works for Wambo coal prep plant

Concrete works for Wambo coal prep plant